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InnoTrans is an exhibition held every two years in Berlin in autumn; it is the most important Business-to-Business world exhibition of the railway industry, mostly attended by operators working in this sector.



Ninive Italy Headquarter

Ninive Italy Headquarter

Ninive Casseforme S.r.l produces special steel formwork utilized in the precasting sector and in the construction of public infrastructure built with concrete elements. Ninive Casseforme was founded in July 1979 with the joining of two contractors who, after having completed important projects in the different sectors of formwork for the building industry, decided to set up a new company able to furnish special formwork to the Italian market which, at that time was requesting technologically advanced equipment. The initial choice was to devote ourselves to the different sectors in the market including : on-site and factory precasting, as well as the construction of public infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels and dams. This was a winning choice that has enabled our Company to face, in the best possible way, the cyclic fluctuation typical of the different building sectors and simultaneously to draw from one sector to the other the acquired know‐how, thus facilitating the progress of technological growth of our products. The experience and creativity of the founding partners, together with the new technologies and the modern production systems have been fundamental both for the development of our equipment and to introduce products directed to new sectors. As a matter of fact, since 1993 Ninive Casseforme has added to its historical production, the fabrication of formwork for railway sleepers as well as forms for the precast segments used in the lining of tunnels; in this kind of equipment the requested tolerances are as tight as a few tenths of a millimeter, but the experience of our staff in steel fabrication is so advanced that similar specifications are reached without any difficulties. The growing process of Ninive Casseforme has enabled us to widen our ambitions to the international markets; so, since 1987, we export our equipment all over the world, feeling proud to contribute to the realization of many important projects.



wps_rgb_webI suggest Ninive Casseforme as a solid and trustable company fabricating high-quality forms for the production of sleepers.

WPS (Poland)

logo_GrupoTYPSA_50Aniv_ENThe 331 forms for the production of monoblock sleepers supplied to our company have fully satisfied us…


TYPSA (Spain)

logoWe are satisfied with the quality, geometry and durability of the 250 four-gang forms for the production of sleepers that your company has supplied to us.


DRACE (Spain)

logo-SATEBA-CONSOLISWe certify that the forms supplied from Ninive are fully satisfactory.


SATEBA (France)



Ninive Casseforme S.r.l.

Strada Statale 36, Km 36, nr.10
23846 Garbagnate Monastero (LC)

Telefono: +39 031 35 73 411
Fax: +39 031 85 17 42

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